Book Review: Delhi Bytes

Author: Amulya Priyadarshi

This book is a treat for those who grew up in the 90s, particularly early college days. The author has taken us on a journey through the Protagonist Amit Mathur and his experiences at Delhi University. The author has intelligently used the backdrop of the Mandal Commission and Ram mandir in particular to explain the turmoil faced by the youth as a part of the backlash. At the same time, one can reminisce about the days without the cell phone influx, paying guest tidbits and of course platonic love trends through a string of Amit’s girlfriends.

Not just Amit but his friends too have an entertaining life and the author has constructed their characters well. Having personally known the author as witty, I wasn’t surprised to see some of his persona in the main character. There are quotes sprinkled throughout that are very endearing.
The author has played out the innocence embedded in that era through his characters, dialogues, and scenes. A beautiful sojourn!

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