Book Review: Slim Chance At Love

Author: Nidhi Dorairaj Bruce

The book is a hilarious take on a billionaire family scion who desperately tries to battle the bulge. In the process, it takes us through the deepest secrets of the elite household and its members. Every encounter reminds us of a similar richest family in Mumbai with an iconic customized tower for a home. Anyone who follows Bollywood and elite page 3 gossip can relate to every nuance whether it is the plastic infused into their face or a world-class gym in the house itself with the best trainers money can buy or a star-studded bachelorette party abroad.

The scion Sooraj Sanghani faces many demons despite being a relentless and brilliant entrepreneur at merely 25. Besides the fact that he is unable to lose weight, it’s his first love which is elusive and he is often seen in the ‘friends only’ zone.
The book is a light and breezy read and promises to rid you of stress. I personally loved the fact that the author has beautifully shown, the rich despite their idiosyncracies are humans at the end of it all!

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