Book Review: Losing Hope

Author: Colleen Hoover

What I like about this author is the simplicity of her plots and write-ups. This is the first full-length novel of hers that I have read and I am not disappointed. I was hooked from the go.

The book is part of a two-part book about Dean and Sky. I haven’t read the earlier book but this can be read standalone as well.

Deane finds his twin Les dead when she ODs. Life is no longer the same for the 18-year-old and he spirals out of control. He feels responsible for losing two important young girls in her life, first when they were 6, his neighbor Hope was taken away never to return, and now Les.

One day he sees Sky in a grocery shop and is stunned by her striking resemblance to the Hope he knew once years ago. However, the girl’s identity is different and he is almost convinced that she is Sky and not Hope. He gets to know her better and despite starting similarities, he begins to believe she is Sky and falls in love with her.

Gradually the story unfolds and as the layers are peeled, a lot of skeletons stumble out of the closet shaking the very foundation of Dean’s beliefs.

The author has gradually built the plot and unraveled the secrets. The pace is maintained throughout and despite its simplicity, it appeals to reader sentiments.

I look forward to more of her books.



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