Book Review: Love Unplugged

Authors: Anthology by, Shefali Naidu, Luvv A Sanwal, Radhika Srinath, Khyati Doshi, Sumitra Bohra, Priya TK, Santosh Mehta, Misha Kalra, Reena Singh and Neepomanjaree


First of all congratulations to the authors for bringing together ten stories in a package. It’s a tough job especially when one has to stick to a genre. In this case, it’s love.

Each story brings out the essence of love in it’s own manner. Whether its a blatant declaration using armor, like in Khyati’s story or a psychedelic love story combo by Neepomanjaree or a beautiful tackling of Mental health by Priya TK. Similarly, romance blossoming on the picturesque Mediterranean waters,  a coagulations of three love stories intertwined with each other, superbly written by Shefali, the importance of giving ‘time; to ones love, brought alive by Misha…. A horror-filled romantic tale that’s the forte of Luvv Sanwal or if its friendship tilting towards love as in Reena’s story. A dialogue-based story on one-sided love and sacrifice by Santosh and last but not least a vengeful love story involving toxic love by Radhika…

Each story stands on its own. My personal favorite is Shefali’s story.

I love the way the book begins and ends with the title!!! I commend everyone for putting their best foot forward and overall the book was an interesting read particularly since I love the genre.

On the flip side, there were a few content-edit errors… nothing that can’t be rectified. But being a writer myself I can’t help but notice them.

I wish to read more from the authors!

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