Later as they sat next to each other in his condo in Varca, Simrat told him her story from the last decade, her tryst with Rehmat that rendered her barren for life. Anshuman held her as she vented out her deepest emotions. She told him, how she had anticipated Kasim’s steps and had prepared herself… As soon as she had come to, under the pretext of using the washroom she had created a distraction and then had overpowered a couple of guards to take their key. She had opened the front door and moved to gradually overpower a couple of other guards who were caught unawares. Meanwhile, the SOP had got inside and done the rest. Fortunately, Manpreet had been blissfully sleeping unmindful of what had happened. Even now he had been busy sketching in the drawing-room of his condo. Anshuman held Simrat’s hands. As they intertwined their fingers he said. “…thank you Simrat… for letting me see Meera for the last time and for being a mom to Manpreet… for keeping my family protected… and now will that include you as well…?”Simrat smiled and nodded, tears escaping the confines of her pretty eyes. “…Yes Anshuman… I want to be your family…forever…” 

His life had just ricocheted …yet again but this time he welcomed it with open arms.

Meanwhile on the Mumbai Goa highway….

He ran along the forest region… he had run throughout the night and his body ached with the piercing pain… his feet were blistered and he barely had energy before he fell dead. But this wasn’t the time to rest… he couldn’t. He had to prove his innocence… the SOP had discarded him. For no fault of his… he had just followed the rules…. He had given his prime years to SOP. His family had thought him dead years ago and he was glad now… they would have been hounded by the SOP to get what he had found.

He had uncovered something sinister in his last undercover mission. Fortunately, he was under the highly classified team where only his immediate boss Major Rana and his colleagues Rudra, Bishop, and Pratap knew about him…his identity. But the mission had gone wrong and he had uncovered information that would create major ripples in the central Government functioning… Unfortunately, Major Rana had been murdered just before he was to meet him in a motel near Calangute, Goa and he had to run away. Rudra was killed on the field and Bishop and Pratap were incognito… No one besides these four knew about him or his meeting point with Major Rana. So did Bishop or Pratap betray him…? He didn’t know for sure but major Rana who was also his mentor had taught him a very important lesson… ‘never to trust anyone but your instincts…’

He had to find his footing soon. He had to gather his bearings and use the proof he had on him… to unearth further evidence… he didn’t have money or anyone he could contact. Except… for Suhas uncle… the retired Army Major… who had been like a surrogate father to him since childhood and had helped him sail through his painful childhood years. He was the only one who knew about his stint with the SOP and that he was still alive… he now had to reach Suhas uncle who had settled in Lohagad near Lonavala… he just had to make it there…

He would survive this. Just as another bout of pain pierced his spine, he inhaled and pushed himself. He would get through and emerge victoriously.. he was called slayer for a reason.

©priyagole. No part of the story can be copied or shared anywhere without the consent of the writer.

Dear Readers

Thank you all for being patient and reading yet another story. As always your love and comments are overwhelming. I will be back after a little break with my next thriller tentatively titled ‘Slayer’.

Till then do write in.




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  6. Excellent story…..like always well written and emotional feelings went high on the last part……..
    Will miss reading it but I m super excited for the next

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