The Ricochet

Anshuman Khanna had only one mission in life… to find his missing sister Meera. After a decade of the unending ordeal, he did get the news… that she was dead. But still, the bereaved brother within him grappled with closure. Giving up his life in Hissar he moved to Goa where Meera breathed her last, hoping to pick up the pieces of his broken heart.

Would he find the much-needed solace and some semblance of inner peace in the calming Varca seas? Or will the internal hightide pull him deeper to a point of no return…?

Stay with Anshuman as he meanders a roller coaster in Goa which will tug at his heart strings in the manner he least expected.

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Simrat had battled demons of the worst kind and now as a single parent, she is besieged with fear and agony to protect the only person close to her heart. Her well guarded tough veneer is threatened to be broken into and she has to be very careful. For it’s not just her heart that can crumble but also the long-held secret which will put her loved ones in jeopardy.








He wasn’t born evil. He had never wanted to do what he did… he was softhearted and eventually lovelorn, having lost the only woman he loved. Was it wrong to fight for a piece of your heart…?


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    1. Hi Priya,

      I have been your fan since you started writing on Story tellers would wait for next chapters Everyday.
      You write very well we can imagine being part of story line.

      Have been reading your latest Ricochet too I don’t understand why suddenly you have left the story tellers geoup. There was no way to reach you as admins stopped commenting on your posts too so reaching out here.
      Wish you all the best and we look forward to read Ricochet and all future works of yours soon

      Take Care and Keep Writing

    2. Finally, I got to read ur story.. As usual mind blowing… Only one doubt, those readers who are not in ur friend list can’t see ur post so how would they come to know about blog

    3. Intrigued waiting for next chapters, wereaders want to wish everything now 😁. Priya please post atleast few chapters asap.

      Thank you so much

    4. Hey Priya. Thanks for sharing the link. Read 3 chapters in a go and loved it. Curious to know who is the father of Manpreet if Haider isnt? Waiting to read more. Congratulations for ur blog

      • Thanks Priya for sharing this blog …. now will be able to read ….. amazing work…. lots of suspense.. now truth will be revealed… kader and meera ♥️ .. maybe kader is the terrorist rewa told about..

      • Thanks Priya for sharing this blog …. now will be able to read ….. amazing work…. lots of suspense.. now truth will be revealed… kader and meera ♥️ .. maybe kader is the terrorist rewa told about..

    5. Loved all the chapters, all 3 I’ve read in a go. Fabulous. Meera is alive n that is heartening. Who is Manpreet’s dad? Is it Kader? Suspense lingers. Waiting for the next chapter.
      Congratulations dear Priya on your blog. I am an ardent fan of ur writing and wait for ur stories. I had joined the ST group and you started with Traded. So, our relation was for keeps. Kudos to your style of writing that keeps us hooked throughout. Keep rocking dear

    6. As expected Manpreet is Kader’s son. But hope Manpreet is freed from people. Hope Kader will not harm his own son.

    7. Oh god, as expected Manpreet is Meera and Kader’s son. But how come they abducted Meera too? Waiting for so much to unfold

    8. Hi Thanks for u r link I was.missing u r story on st than I posted to ask that someone can lead me to this story sor admin told u can ask writers

      It’s I can read here u r amazing in all

    9. Hi.. I could only find till chap 25.. then directly epilog and then chap 28.. can u please please please email chap 26 and 27…won’t read the epilog and chap 28 till then


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